Advisory Boards: 10 Key Business Benefits

The definition of an Advisory Board sits within its name. The purpose is to strategically advise management of a business, organisation or corporation with the objective being to deliver key business benefits.


Where an Advisory Board differs from a Board of Directors is the level of authority, responsibility and accountability in the business decision processes.  An Advisory Board is well positioned for businesses to tap into the knowledge and experience they need to make informed decisions. They are a great problem-solving resource.

Advisory Boards: 10 Key Business Benefits

Opportunity – Advisory Boards do not work ‘in’ the business and are therefore impartial in their advice. Their mandate is to work in the best interest of the business. Advisory Boards help evaluate strategies and analyse trends and can also bring rigour into the business.

De-Risking – The ‘helicopter’ view of the business operation enables Advisory Boards to determine where risk is high and how it could be minimalised.

An Advisory Board is a low-risk investment for a business. The Advisory Board is not a decision-making board with the associated legal and fiduciary responsibilities that sit with a Board of Directors.

This means that the control of the business operations remains with management, however, decisions are more informed if an Advisory Board is in place. The business’ access to an Advisory Board’s valuable expertise and experience brings insights that otherwise would not be readily available or accessible.

Focus – An Advisory Board may be appointed to focus, without distraction, on one part of the business giving parameters and guidelines around the desired outcome in planning and execution. This can pay dividends by allowing the business to concentrate on running the core business.

Clarity – Advisory Boards can help businesses to understand how to optimise their business roadmap. To be successful a business must have clarity in the strategic piece it is operating from.  This is important, not only to be proactive in the market but also to understand what the business wants to achieve in the short, medium and long term.

Innovation – The identification of gaps and opportunities is important to give the business every advantage possible.  Advisory Boards are in a unique position to advise on where innovation can be a game changer for a business.  The ‘noise’ that every business has in the day to day operation of the business often stops innovation from being considered as a priority.

Agility – Businesses are faced with many challenges. Businesses put processes, platforms and programs in place to make this easier, but often this creates legacy systems that can stifle or stall productivity which impacts morale and motivation.

Value – An Advisory Board provides intellectual, social and creative capital when leveraged, delivers measurable value for the business.

Change – Advisory Boards are often put in place as a catalyst for change and progress.  They offer an opportunity to accelerate the growth and scaling of the business. This brings an injection of educated insight and innovation to help the business to stay ahead of its competitors. This enables the business to be competitive and work towards future-proofing operations, delivering benefits to the business in the now and into the future.

Impact –  An Advisory Board can positively impact the business’ vision, profitability and stakeholder engagement. The business story then becomes one that when communicated creates momentum and visibility.

Networking – An Advisory Board will broaden a business’ perspective and connects business to a broader knowledge base. This nurtures collaboration and communication, increasing the business reach.

Advisory Boards are often sourced by the business based on perceived needs. This often occurs in the absence of independent accredited advisory board centres.

In Canada, a study was run on the benefits of Advisory Boards for SME’s with extraordinary outcomes that demonstrate the advantages of engaging with an Advisory Board.

Some of the highlights were as follows:

Statistical analysis of businesses’ financial variables based on fiscal data from Statistics Canada shows that:

Sales growth was stronger after instituting an advisory board. In the first three years after an advisory board was set up, sales grew 66.8% compared with a growth of 22.9% in the three previous years.

Productivity growth also strengthened after the advisory board was introduced. In the three years after the advisory board was set up, productivity rose an average of 5.9% compared with 3.2% in the previous three-year period.

Read the report here

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10+ Leadership Language Styles: What Are You Communicating As A Leader?

The leadership language styles you choose to adopt set the tone and expectation for your employees to follow.



How are you communicating and what impact is your leadership language style having on the employees you lead?

Where do you sit on the Leadership Performance Spectrum, and how can you improve the language you use as a leader to communicate?

10+ Leadership Language Styles to Explore


‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.’

Not always true…

As a leader, you are often judged by what you say and if your words are misunderstood or misinterpreted they may become ‘mud’ that inevitably has a way of sticking.

How you choose to articulate your leadership has the ability to define or destroy you as a leader.

Think before you speak, and speak only after careful deliberation, and with a full understanding of the meaning and impact of your words.


The visual language you communicate, as a leader, sets a precedent for not only what your employees believe now, but also what they will continue to expect from you as a leader.

What your employees see, establishes a strong association with what they believe.


The language you communicate virtually, through various channels, and on different platforms, tells the story of your leadership approach and gives insight into your emotional intelligence.

Your virtual footprint as a leader, gives you a voice to narrate and  accentuate how you want to be seen as a leader

How you choose to position yourself will leave an impression and will impact how you are perceived as a leader, whether that be real or imagined.


The way you craft your words can have different meanings for different employees.

Investing your time to understand how to harness the power of the written word as a leadership language tool can only enhance the power and potential of your leadership and its reach.

Recognizing and realizing what you write as a successful leadership language tool may create an opportunity to establish influence and authority, by demonstrating knowledge and experience.


The way you speak, your tone, words and the messages you are delivering, should be contextual with your goals, objectives, and actions.

The employees you lead and the market you operate in, will become confused and disillusioned if the way you behave and the actions you take do not align with what you say you are going to do.


Adopting collaboration as a native leadership language enables you, as a leader, to align yourself with others who have strengths that you do not possess.

This allows you to focus on what you do best.

Collaboration gives you an opportunity to showcase your strengths as a leader, rather than your weaknesses.


Your body talks louder than your subconscious self is aware. The story your body language tells others is often more revealing than any words you say.

Becoming aware of your body language as a leader is an important tool to present yourself as an open and transparent leader who listens, and encourages engagement and interaction.

Your body language can mean the difference between you, as a leader, being seen as approachable or unapproachable.


In today’s world, it may seem strange to suggest being tactile as a leadership language tool.  The interpretation of the term may appear to be politically incorrect, however, in the context of the task that the employee undertakes, rather than the employee themselves, being tactile takes on a completely different meaning and context.

A leader who engages in a task that an employee is expected to do demonstrates that he, or she, is prepared to be a hands-on, involved leader who wants to understand and relate to what they expect from their employee.


Consistency and calmness communicate strength and decisiveness as a leader.

Your behavioural leadership language style has the power to communicate in a way that is conducive to creating trust and sincerity.

This positions you, as a leader, to gain consensus to accelerate progress, momentum, and productivity.


Demonstrating that you, as a leader, have deep knowledge and what you are asking for, or expecting from your employees is understood, establishes a belief system in your employees.

As a leader, if you want your employees to follow you it helps the employee if they can see you understand, can influence, and have authority when you communicate.


Innovation and ideation can often be seen as interruption if your employees believe you do not have the experience to make things happen.

Experience echoes in your language and the way you choose to communicate can amplify this in what you communicate.

If that message fails to convince, confirm or convey your experience the consequences can negatively impact what you are trying to achieve.


Your leadership language style of choice can easily become your leadership DNA by default.

What is your leadership language style, what story are you telling, and is that a true reflection of you, as a leader?



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If It Ain’t Broke … Innovate It ~ 15 Reasons Why You Should

The old saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ was a famous catch cry of yesteryear. Unfortunately many still live by it.  What if they were to replace ‘don’t fix it’ with ‘innovate it’?


Change is often seen as difficult, confronting and easier to avoid, rather than embrace

15 Reasons Why You Should Innovate


The world as we know it is becoming increasingly more competitive. The way people are now looking at solving problems and the way they are delivering solutions is becoming more attractive for customers to try different options.

If your business is not in a position to compete, you may not lead, win, place or even be in the running for your customer’s loyalty or dollar.

Training your people and business to be competitive is like training an athlete for a marathon.  You must plan how you will run the course, develop a strategy to overcome obstacles, and understand your competitors to know how to position yourself to take advantage, and gain market share as you run the race.


Do you remember when you used to buy something that you now refer to as a ‘so yesterday’ way of doing something?  At the time you probably thought you would never do without it, and it was the only way to solve your problem.  That was until someone came up with a smarter way of solving your problem and now you would never do it the old way again.

Can your business afford to be seen as irrelevant in the way you solve one or more problems? How can you think differently to solve other problems, or solve the current problem you are already solving differently, for existing and new consumers?


If you open your eyes and assess the market you play in, and consider other markets that have adopted innovative approaches that may bring opportunity for your market, what do you see?

Being aware and open to change and the opportunity it can bring seems to be common sense, however, many still choose complacency and fear that opening the door to opportunity may create more problems than it solves.

What are you doing in your business to discover opportunity, and when you do discover it, what are you doing with that knowledge, how are you applying it, and where can it lead your business?


At first glance the word viability might seem odd when referring to an established business, however, it is a crucial word to consider.  Your business’ viability is only as robust as your business mindset.  If you encourage or allow complacency or cost-cutting as your primary option to remain viable, you are setting your business up for performance to decline.

Is your business mindset one that focusses on growth and expansion rather than cost-cutting and contraction to solve challenges caused by the changing market you operate in?  Balance is important, but it is how you think about this question that determines the direction of your business.


Do you have only one revenue stream that powers your business? One speed revenue models can limit business potential and will create vulnerability in operational capability, capacity and stability.

If that revenue stream diminishes or dries up how will your business survive?  How can you diversify what you offer to solve your existing, and new customer problems?

If you tap into how you can innovate your products and services to diversify what you offer your customers, how will this create an opportunity for your business?


You know you can’t do everything yourself, but despite this, more often than not, we continue to try to deliver solutions that are better done by someone else.

  • How does your business collaborate with other businesses, individuals and organisations?
  • What have you learnt, and continue to learn, from these relationships?
  • What value does your network offer, and how does this benefit your business and those you work with?
  • How do you collaborate to accentuate the strengths of both parties to innovate and create?


The fear factor of the possibility of redundancy of a business in a marketplace is often hidden under a blanket of ignorance.  Ignorance to the fact that unless the business chooses to evolve and innovate, it will rapidly lose worth in the eyes of the customer, and risk becoming redundant.

What do you do in your business to ensure that you will not become an ‘industry dinosaur’?


To be able to scale, your business needs a strategy to guide you.  That strategy must be agile and intuitive to change and embrace innovation to enable success.

Understanding your customer, who they are, what they want, how they want to be communicated with, and where they want to engage and interact, must underpin your business strategy.

Are you building a customer-centric business strategy that demonstrates your plan to scale? If so, what framework and benchmarks are in place to measure that journey and accelerate that growth in a timely manner?


Customers like to be seen, heard and feel important.  We should now consider replacing the old saying ‘Content is King’ with a new saying, ‘Customer is King’.

The reality is that without your customers you do not have a business

If your customers do not feel like you are hearing them, or they feel like they are invisible to your business, they will react by not engaging with your business.

How do you talk to your customers and where do you engage and interact with them?  Is this by your design or theirs?

When you deliver your products or services to your customer they will judge you on how responsive you are to them, and how you make them feel.  Investing in finding out how your customer thinks, and responding accordingly, tells your customer you are putting them first.


When your business plans how you deliver your products or services do you do you think like your customers think?

This question is an important one to ask if you haven’t done so already.  Creating an intuitive customer journey for each of your customer types communicates to your customers that you have recognized, acknowledged and are delivering what they want.  When done well this creates ‘customer utopia’.


Do you have an exit strategy and why is this important?  An exit or/and an acquisition strategy helps communicate growth and innovation for investment.  Cash injection through investment is a necessary tool to innovate and scale, to establish an attractive investment opportunity to make acquisitions, to diversify or expand or to innovate, nurture and grow to scale and exit.

How attractive is your business to investors?  What does the evolution of your business look like and how are you planning to make this happen?


What are your capability gaps?  Like your regular doctor check-ups, analysing your business capabilities gives your business a health check and insight into where your business needs attention and where your offering is not being optimized for your customers.

This process also identifies where you can identify trends and innovate to increase not only capability but also capacity, to solve problems that you may not have realised needed solving.

When did your business last make an appointment for a business check-up to discover how healthy your business really is?


Culture can make or break a business’ ability to reach its potential.  The challenge is always to bring your people along on the journey with you.

Traditionally we create top-down hierarchies which may only serve to create divisions and disconnect.  Consider flatter hierarchies based on operational competencies and strengths that are measurable. This can enable you to innovate with agility.

Do you structure your work environment to create open communication, transparency, collaboration, engagement and ownership of tasks and processes?  What yardsticks do you use to measure performance based on responsibility and accountability?

By structuring your teams to become empowered, and not just to engage, you are able to create an environment that is collaborative and conducive to setting goals and achieving outcomes.


We live in a world of lots of bright and shiny things that capture people’s attention and imagination.

How do you inspire, excite, shock and delight your customers?

If you are creating an experience that your customers will enjoy, remember and share, then you are building brand engagement and evangelism.

To continue to enjoy this relationship with your customers you must innovate.  Immediacy demands innovation, to not only get the attention of existing and new customers but to convert that attention into a relationship that is reciprocal, and satisfies the needs of both your customer and your business.


Business is facing becoming more transient than it ever has before.  To remain in the game your business needs to determine how to sustain existing customer patronage and understand how to entice new customers to come on board to grow your business.

To do this you need to have a business strategy that has sustainability at its core.  This simply means that you need to build a foundation that is true and pivot off this proactively to innovate and behave in an agile manner, to take advantage of change, trends and opportunity.

If it ain’t broke… break it and put it back together differently.

Chances are what you will find is that doing business in different ways may bring better and more measurable results than the way you have always done business before.

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Is your electrical equipment safe? Act now!

Often we believe that if electrical equipment is working it is safe to use.  This is not necessarily correct and can lead to dire consequences.  To ensure that your employees are safe you should have your equipment tested regularly to be a responsible employer and to avoid potential workplace dangers that could impact your people, productivity, and profitability.

electrical worker

5 Step Electrical Equipment Checklist

Are there any signs of ‘wear and tear’ on the cord of any of your electrical equipment?

Age and overuse inevitably result in wear and tear on your equipment.  Don’t be tempted to fix it up with stopgap measures to extend the life of your equipment.  Get professional testing done now to ensure the safety of your equipment and your employees at all times

How long have you owned your electrical equipment and when was the last time you had it safety tested?

Do you have a regular replacement of the equipment you use all the time or do you just buy new equipment when your existing equipment stops working?  This can be misleading!  Just because your equipment starts does not necessarily mean it is safe to use.

How do you store your electrical equipment?  

Is it exposed to the elements in the course of doing your business or when stored?  You need to be aware of what you are expecting from your equipment and how you expose it as this impacts on the longevity and the safety of the equipment for you and your employee’s day-to-day use.

How well does your electrical equipment perform?  Is it reliable?

When your equipment struggles more than once it is an indicator that something is not right.  Do not ignore the symptoms and make sure that the equipment you are using is safe and not a potential health hazard.

Do you share your electrical equipment with other employees or businesses?

Do you share your electrical equipment with other employees or businesses to help them out or on a regular basis when you work together.  Do you know if they are experiencing any problems with the equipment or how they are treating the equipment?  Know your electrical equipment and be aware of what is happening with it as part of your business approach to safeguarding your business.

Make sure you are putting safety first! Get your equipment tested today!


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Digital Disruption: Is It Your Friend Or Foe?

Digital disruption has become an obsession for businesses and industries alike. It is an obsession that has the potential to overwhelm and dilute the underlying opportunities that a disruption itself presents.  Your business must choose if disruption is its friend or foe!

digital disruption
Digital Disruption: Friend or Foe?

A focus on being disrupted will overshadow the opportunity to disrupt.

10 indicators that your business may be REACTIVE

  1. High investment but declining revenue. This may suggest that you are chasing what you think will change the market without understanding what the market is actually looking for.
  2. High supply, lower demand. This may suggest that you are not aligned with what your customer wants even though you are competing with what is in the market.
  3. More service offerings but complaints from customers are on the rise.
  4. Higher staff churn than normal sees newer staff leaving your business while longer term staff are less likely to leave.
  5. Your industry is experiencing growth but your business is suffering a downturn.
  6. The technology platforms your business has adopted are disconnected from each other. This may indicate you are integrating new technology without recognizing how and where it will work with legacy systems.
  7. Your business is suffering from a progressive loss of market share.
  8. You notice a lack of cohesion in your product or service offerings.  They provide solutions but these are singular in application.
  9. Your business is generating lots of data but has no ability to qualify or contextualize it.
  10. Collaboration and partnering that exists is more of a ‘power play’ than an ‘innovation play’.

10 Indicators that your business is PROACTIVE

  1. Your business is experiencing exponential revenue growth and also enjoying increasing patronage despite more competition entering the market.
  2. Other businesses are seeking your business out to discuss collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  3. Your business is able to confidently make budget projections based on performance indicators measured against milestones.
  4. Agility enables your business to respond to change without impacting your core business strategy.
  5. You see failures as necessary and you are not afraid of them. They are seen as learning experiences your business can build on.
  6. Industry best practices, global trends and benchmarking are used by your business to give you insights to plan and strategize.
  7. Your employees are engaged, have taken ownership and actively participate in the business’ transformation journey.
  8. Your business communicates visibility and transparently without fear or favour.
  9. Digital is at the core of all your business decisions.  You always ask the question ‘How can digital make this more efficient or effective?’
  10. Your strategy is customer led. Your strategy is a living, breathing document that is a ‘work in progress’. It is responsive to change without compromising its core ethos.

Successful change will not happen when you apply band-aid solutions.  A band-aid solution is one dimensional and it only heals what ails the business in that area and at that time.

Transformational change is evolutionary.  When your business chooses to be proactive rather than reactive in its approach the word ‘disruption’ takes on a very different meaning.  To survive and also experience success you must choose to become the disruptor and not the disruptee.


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Smart Cities: Will they be smart enough?

Smart Cities need to be sustainable and scalable to be smart enough to become integrated, sharing economies.  They also need to be capable of supporting robust and resilient community ecosystems.



The Australian Government  Smart Cities Plan has 3 pillars

Smart Investment

Smart Investment means:

1. Prioritising projects that meet broader economic objectives

2. Treating infrastructure funding as an investment wherever possible

3. Getting involved early to ensure rigorous planning and business cases

4. Increasing investment

Smart Policy

Smart Policy requires:

1. Delivering ‘City Deals’

2. Leading regulatory reform

3. Measuring success

Smart Technology

Smart Technology means:

1. Thinking of technology solutions first

2. Leveraging open and real time data

3. Driving use of energy efficient technologies

The 3 pillar excerpts above are explained in depth in a download available from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities website where they welcome comment.

Learn more about the Australian Government Plan

The Australian Government wants to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of urban service delivery, infrastructure and planning.  The aim is to improve the liveability of our cities and suburbs.

The question is .. Will this make our Smart Cities smart enough to become sustainable and scalable sharing community ecosystems?

Enabling technology through policy and investment will establish a solid foundation for the Smart Cities plan.  This then presents an opportunity to build on this foundation to establish self-sustaining economically empowered community ecosystems.

Before technology  – B.T. 

Local economies created their own community ecosystems that were heavily reliant on government to support and subsidize. Local media, business leaders and community co-existed and supported each other.

How did they do this?

Local business would leverage local print media to promote their business, brand and influence and leading businesses would in turn subsidize local community, charity and sports.  This simple, yet effective ecosystem reinforced local parochialism and gave communities identity, a sense of belonging and ownership.

This is a very simplistic snapshot of the B.T. ecosystem but it does illustrate that although the local ecosystem had an intra-community support network that offset government dependency it did not create self-sufficiency.  The local economy was still vulnerable and lacking. Technology itself was the disruptor that exposed this.

Post technology  – P.T. 

The local ecosystem has become somewhat disparate as we  have entered into a world where  ‘technology as a solution’ has accelerated and is fast becoming the norm.  This has meant that we now live in an environment of continual change. The consequence of change is a disconnect in the local ecosystem.

The channels that used to be the default to support the local ecosystem now no longer work effectively.  This means the reliance on government funding and grants has become even more of a dependency than it was B.T.  This environment is now, more than ever before, counterproductive to self-sufficiency.

The investment and changes in government policy to embrace technology to realize the opportunity data sharing and delivery presents through the Smart Cities plan is the enabler.

To achieve sustainability as a solution, we must be able to quantify, qualify, and then, contexualise and commercialize shared data.

The ‘missing link’ or ‘fourth pillar’ is a ‘Smart Community’.

When this fourth pillar is integrated into the Smart Cities blueprint you are then able to commercialize validated and contextual data to create self-sufficiency.

The ‘how’ can only happen when the administration of a four pillar Smart City design is altruistic.  The administration body is a facilitator that is independent and impartial for the betterment of the communities it serves holistically.

A ‘Smart Community’ supports and sustains local business, community groups, sporting clubs, charities and nurtures startups.

The notion of  ‘support local first’ in regional towns and cities is not new. The reinvention of what local parochialism looks like and how communities can embrace this in the P.T. world is failing.

The wave of technology and the change it has bought to consumer’s behaviour has eroded our local economy’s resilience.  The sad reality is that a dysfunctional local economy is not cohesive or productive, let alone self-sustaining.

‘Smart Communities”  as a ‘plug-n-play’ into the Smart Cities Plan delivers a:

  • self-sufficient ecosystem
  • sense of belonging
  • shared vision
  • scalable platform
  • viable commercial solution for all stakeholders

How can we make it happen?   If you want to discuss this further please leave a comment below or contact me


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People Are The Fuel That Makes Success Happen

As a business owner you spend a lot of time working under the bonnet of your business. Time and resource is allocated to plan, strategize and to put processes in place that will help you to make smart choices that deliver smart outcomes. However, it is the fuel that you put into the business to drive it, the people you employ, align yourself with and the customers you serve that determines if your business breaks down or runs smoothly.


5 Smart People Choices To Fuel Your Business

  • Employing or surrounding yourself with people that are not like you.  This will help give you different perspective and encourage you to look at things differently.
  • Employing or surrounding yourself with people that will challenge you to evolve. It is very easy to do things the way you do because you always have.  What if there is a better way?
  • Employing or surrounding yourself with people who have different strengths to you.  This is what truly brings about strong teams when the balance of skill sets is complimentary.
  • Employing or surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you.  If you choose not to see this as threatening the benefits are enormous. First and foremost smart people make you look good if you lead them well.
  • Employing or surrounding yourself with people that can problem solve and innovate. This is when you truly start to discover opportunity.

5 Not-So- Smart People Choices That May Stall Your Business

  • Employing and surrounding yourself with people just because they went to the right school or have the right qualifications.
  • Employing and surrounding yourself with people who are recommended to you or as a favour for a friend without first making sure that they are the right fit.
  • Employing and surrounding yourself with people who make decisions on your behalf without conferring with you.
  • Employing and surrounding yourself with people who are change-phobic.
  • Employing and surrounding yourself with people who are there for the money and the perks but don’t have the passion.

3 Questions you need to ask yourself when making decisions about people

  1. Are the right people in the right roles in your business?
  2. Are you identifying who your customers really are and if so how are you doing that?
  3. Are you aligning your business with the right partners and affiliates to advantage both parties?


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The Start-Up Cemetery – Tombstones of Lost Dreams



So many Start-Ups move quickly from idea and conceptualization to developing their minimal viable product ‘MVP’.  They do this to establish a ‘proof of concept’ to gain funding. This can be a death sentence for Start-Ups.

This reasoning does make sense on face value…

  • Your idea is unique.
  • No-one has done it this way before.
  • Your idea is a new technology that is ground-breaking.
  • Your approach is to disrupt and when you do it will be a game changer.
  • The unique value proposition that your idea brings will set you apart from competitors.

An idea that fast tracks to an MVP makes a quantum leap of faith

Will your Start-Up have a short life expectancy and end up in the Start-Up cemetery?

The question every Start-Up needs to ask is …

Does my Start-Up have strategic clarity?

If the answer is yes then the next question is…

What is my Start-Up’s strategic clarity?

Let’s look at some examples of what strategic clarity looks like…

  • You know where the growth is that your Start-Up will tap into and how to get traction there?
  • You know which problems you are solving and which customers you are solving them for.
  • You know how your customers’ will behave, how to drive their buying decisions and have positioned your product/service to ensure that you have and can maintain a competitive edge.
  • You know where your priorities need to lie in the short, medium and long terms and have articulated that in a business strategy
  • Your internal customers have taken ownership and responsibility of their roles, are engaged and aligned with and understand the business’ priorities. This enables them to plan and achieve key performance indicators benchmarked to the business strategy.
  • The decision-making process that is adopted by the business is consistent with the strategic priorities of the business and the business knows what it needs to achieve to be successful and in what timeframe.
  • You are confident in your business model that it is intelligent and uses this intelligence to make informed decisions from data that are qualified and quantified and aligned to your business strategy. This justifies any and all investment of resource and focus.

When do I need strategic clarity?

A Start-Up needs strategic clarity in the formation phase and before the validation phase. You can’t effectively validate an idea without insight that data brings to qualify and quantify it.

How do I get strategic clarity?

An Advisory Board of specialists that includes the founders themselves, is the best option to not only find strategic clarity but also determine a pathway to funding that is derisked by the insight the process delivers for investors.

The life expectation of your Start-Up will come down to the insight you gain and the strategic clarity you achieve. An Advisory Board can give you a real investor and competitor advantage



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5 ways you ‘talk the talk’ that determines how you ‘walk the walk’

How we talk to ourselves and others defines who we are, how we are seen and what we will become.  When you think about it you are creating your own a self fulfilling prophecy.  What does yours look like? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are you projecting?
  • Who are you attracting?
  • How are you influencing?

talk the talk

5 ways that your talk could be limiting your success

 1. Authority

Authority, where we position conversations both with ourselves and others to set ourselves apart from being accountable, is an approach that we are all guilty of at times. This is where we make statements that exonerate us from responsibility and relinquish us from risk. We do this with an air of positive assertion and authority that suggests we have experience and knowledge as to why this would be a negative thing to do.  In reality we may be sidestepping something that we are not brave enough to try to overcome ourselves and would prefer others to make the mistakes for us.

Have you heard yourself say things like…

  • I will never do that because….
  • That is a stupid thing to do because…
  • If you do that you will regret it because…

2. Judging yourself and others

Passing judgement is intrinsic to the human condition and we, as humans, indulge in the pastime by engaging in gossip and taking the stance that we are offering advice. More often than not we are actually positioning ourselves to take the higher ground or make someone else the scapegoat to draw attention away from our own shortcomings.  We all know the old saying about throwing stones and glass houses.

Have you heard yourself say things like…

  • I would have done it that way because …
  • That is not the right choice because….
  • That was never going to work because…

3. Excuses

Excuses are the best aren’t they?  They allow us to not do what we might find to be uncomfortable or not want to do. We may also make excuses to cover our tracks or where we might be shown up to not being as good at something we have been telling everyone we were an expert in.  The question is when not will you get found out but when will you get found out?

Have you heard yourself say things like…

  • I can’t possibly do that because…
  • I am too busy to do that because…
  • I think it would be good for you to do it because…

4. Playing it safe

Sometimes we set the bar at a height that is very achievable for a reason.  If we reach that mark we have achieved and we can pat ourselves on the back and feel good about what we have done.  There is nothing wrong with that is there?  What if you are setting the bar at a level that is never going to push you out of your comfort zone and you are telling yourself that it is better to work in the safe zone?  Are you self-limiting what is possible?

Have you heard yourself say things like…

  • I can’t do any more because…
  • I do a great job. No-one can ever say I don’t because…
  • I can only achieve this outcome because…

5. Pretending

When we are not happy with ourselves it is not unusual to create a way of thinking and talking to ourselves and others to paint a picture that makes us sound a lot better than where we are now and draws a picture that is misleading. This creates limitations because from the inside you believe that if everybody else thinks you have made it you don’t have to do much except keep up the pretense.   Fake it till you make it. Sound familiar?

Have you heard yourself say things like…

  • I only achieved what I did because….
  • I am the best at what I do because….
  • I don’t need any help doing that because…

Of course sometimes the 5 ways you talk to yourself and others listed above are appropriate in some circumstances. The real question you have to ask  yourself is that if you are honest with yourself  how often do you default to talking to yourself and others with a because that puts limitations on what is possible.

What is your because?

Originally posted 2016-12-12 13:14:51.

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100+ Australian Startups, Innovators and Disruptors

Australian startups, innovators and disruptors are the new norm and are making the world sit up and take notice.  Learn more about how Australia startups, innovators and disruptors are thinking differently and challenging the status quo.

“Thinking outside the box”

100+ Australian Startups, Innovators and Disruptors

1/ Simply Wall Street

A Sydney based startup, Simply Wall Street helps people become better investors. They do this by turning complicated financial data into easy to understand infographics.
The company was started after the founders realized how many people were buying stocks only based on news hype or random hunches. This happened simply because it was too complicated for them to do proper research. They saw that approach ended up with people either losing money or underperforming.
The goal of this startup is to empower retail investors to make profitable non-emotional long term investment decisions. With the unique visual approach, Simply Wall Street are making it possible even for the beginners. Every day Simply Wall Street produces over 10,000 infographics on all the companies listed on the primary US, UK and Australian stock exchanges.

Learn more about Simply Wall Street


WAIV is a secure online global instant remittance system with a debit card linked to loyalty benefits delivering the fastest and cheapest remittance globally.
Through the mobile payment system, WAIV can globally connect participating telecommunication companies, merchants and member banks, as well as social media platforms. In doing so, WAIV can offer instant secure global payments, money transfers, and other affordable remittance services to anyone anywhere with no pre-qualifying or credit checks for applicants. Cashback loyalty rewards are given every time a customer uses their WAIV debit card, where a merchant fee applies.

Learn more about WAIV

3/ Timelio

Timelio’s mission is to enable businesses to get fast, cost effective, transparent and flexible funding via their online peer-to-peer marketplace.
The Timelio vision is to be the most efficient, customer-focused funding platform in Australia, empowering and enabling businesses to grow.

Learn more about Timelio

4/ Tyro

Tyro is an integrated card payment acceptance solution that streamlines your business processes and improve your bottom line. Their approach is that they have the right EFTPOS terminal for every business.

Learn more about Tyro

5/ Pin Payments

Pin Payments is Australia’s first all-in-one payment system, allowing you to get started with multi-currency card payments.  This is all without a security deposit or a merchant account. Sign up online in five minutes. All you need to do is bring your bank account and your ABN.

Learn more about Pin Payments

6/ MoneyPlace

MoneyPlace was founded by a group of like-minded, energetic people that know personal loans can be done better. Starting with a blank piece of paper, they surrounded themselves with brilliant people and began designing a new way to borrow and invest.

Learn more about MoneyPlace

7/ FinancialAsk

FinancialAsk makes financial advice easy to get. Simply ask a question and you will receive an answer from a qualified financial adviser. You can browse FinancialAsk’s listing of advisers, look up existing answers or even video chat directly with a professional adviser.

Learn more about FinancialAsk 

8/ CoinJar

Your CoinJar is a powerful tool for managing money. You can spend, send and trade easily using bitcoins, pounds and dollars.

Learn more about CoinJar

9/ Nimble

Nimble are tech-loving geeks who saw something wrong with the way people borrow money and decided to fix it. So they imagined the simplest, fastest, most stress-free way to borrow. They then built a technology platform to lend loans like never seen before.

Learn more about Nimble

10/ SocietyOne

SocietyOne is one of Australia’s leading marketplace lenders. They are an online financial community where investors & borrowers can connect to get a better deal.

Learn more about SocietyOne

11/ Stockspot

Stockspot is one of Australia’s fastest growing automated investment service. Their mission is to make professional portfolio management accessible to more Australians.
They want to do away with the high fees, confusing jargon, endless paperwork and lack of transparency that gives the wealth management industry a bad reputation.

Learn more about Stockspot

12/ Pocketbook

Trying to manage your personal finances today is hard.
Software out there is clunky, and professional help is expensive. Out of frustration people end up using spreadsheets and print-outs, or worse still – losing sight of their money altogether.
Pocketbook makes personal finance ridiculously simple. And best of all – it’s free.

  • See your financial transactions in the one place
  • Stay on top of your bills
  • Minimise bank fees and late payment penalties
  • Keep you on track of your budgets and savings goals

Learn more about Pocketbook

13/ FirstStep

FirstStep is a mobile app that lets you start automatically investing your loose change. They let you get started with no minimum investment amount. Based on your expenditure, your rounded up loose change from each transaction.  This is invested on your behalf, continuously building up your portfolio.

Learn more about FirstStep

14/ MoneyBrilliant

MoneyBrilliant is like a personal financial assistant that never stops working for you. You’re the boss and MoneyBrilliant is here to help. Better still, it’s free.

Learn more about MoneyBrilliant

15/ Pay Cycle

If you are in need of a quick personal cash loan, look no further. Pay Cycle has a personal cash loan that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether you need a short to medium term loan, They have your best interests and needs covered. Their personal and quick service will make the process of taking out a small loan simple and hassle free.

Learn more about PayCycle

16/ Moroku

Moroku is a software company that operates at the intersection of mobile, gaming and social to create engaging banking and payment experiences. They also promote customer learning and brand loyalty.
The term Moroku derives from the term Puroku – the traditional Maori term for “gathering”. A mobile-puroku is the 21st century means of gathering, connecting and engaging communities.
Moroku are on a mission to help people be fabulous with their finances.  They have a vision to be the partner of choice for banks that want to help their customers succeed financially.

Learn more about Moroku

17/ speeds up and streamlines loan applications. This means less paperwork, less fuss and a quicker decision about loan approval. do this with their own technology that retrieves your bank statement data and sends it directly to the lender or broker.

Learn more about

18/ PromisePay

PromisePay powers fast, flexible and frictionless payments. This is so platforms and marketplaces can build trust, improve user experience, and drive revenue, without the extra operational overheads and costs.

Learn more about PromisePay

19/ Flongle

The person behind Flongle realised that, even with the foundational knowledge their book delivered, shopping your mortgage properly was too time consuming and complex for even the most hard core researcher. Flongle’s founder started mapping an idea for a reliable, low cost and independent web based service called KeyFacts Online. This then grew into flongle and the mortgage contest idea was born.

Learn more about Flongle

20/ RentalCover is part of Cover Genius, a distributor of insurance policies for the largest global internet companies. They were the first brand to launch for the Cover Genius group and it has been one of the fastest growing companies to emerge from Australia’s Fintech scene. Cover Genius now includes extensive partnership and call centre operations in 3 countries (UK, Australia & New Zealand). They are in 12 languages and offer 20×7 support for their customers who engage after booking a car with one of their online car rental agency partners.

Learn more about RentalCover

21/ uHealth

uHealth is leading medical innovation by bringing progressive technology to market. They ensure that Australians have access to the best medical technology from around the world and from our own backyard.
uHealth partners with leading developers in digital health and surgical innovation to make health care more efficient and effective. They have a global reach and their partnerships enable them to bring the world of medical technology to Australia, and Australian innovation to the world.

Learn more about uHealth

22/ Whitecoat

Whitecoat is Australia’s most comprehensive online healthcare provider directory and customer review website.  They have over 170,000 healthcare providers and are growing every day.
It was initially launched in 2013. Touch to Buy and NIB formed a partnership called Digital Health Ventures (DHV) in 2014. This was done to launch a number of digital health assets. During this time DHV also took control of the management and marketing of Whitecoat.
DHV wants Whitecoat to be the largest directory of its kind in the world. They want to promote the best aspects of healthcare. They do so with provider engagement and support. DHV are very confident that Whitecoat will allow many providers to have a voice in their community. This will allow many Australians to make better and more informed healthcare decisions.

Learn more about Whitecoat

23/ Teleconsult

Visiting a doctor can be time consuming and difficult to schedule. With TeleConsult, you can contact your doctor between appointments using the TeleConsult App or Website. As a registered TeleConsult Patient, you can initiate a consultation today.

Learn more about Teleconsult

24/ Tabtimer

TabTimer™ is an Australian Company dedicated to supplying devices to help people and their carers keep medicines, nutrition, hydration, toileting and regular personal care tasks on-time. They do this by using assistive technology and assisted listening reminder devices.

Learn more about TabTimer

25/ SafeMate

Have your identification and emergency contact quickly and securely accessible even when swimming, running or cycling without papers or smartphone.
Program manual or smart alerts when practicing the sport / activity that you love.

Connect your emergency information to rescuers with a single tap through the SafeMate app.
Alert your next of kin as quickly and as practically possible.
SafeMate is built for today’s active lifestyle. Whether you’re trecking into the unknown or going about your daily activities, we’ve got your back.

Learn more about SafeMate

26/ Medtasker

In Australia alone, preventable healthcare communication failures kill every 92 minutes. They also permanently incapacitate over 15,000 Australians annually, and cost over $750M each year.
Medtasker was developed, as a platform to send, accept, and complete clinical tasks via smartphone and desktop apps.

Learn more about Medtasker


NEHTA enhance healthcare by enabling access to the right information, for the right person, at the right time and place. They work collaboratively with consumers, healthcare providers, the healthcare industry, the information and communications technology industry, policy makers and funders towards a safe, secure and efficient health system. The aim is to deliver better health outcomes for all Australians.

Learn more about NEHTA

28/ NetHealth

NetHealth was started in 2013 and is the most comprehensive software solution provider for the medical industry. With growing digitalisation in healthcare industry, NetHealth invests in improving efficiency and patient care in medical centres and hospitals through their platform.

Learn more about NetHealth

29/ The INS Group

INS is a leading family-owned Australian Health Care Company dedicated to delivering quality services that support people in their home. The INS Group was established in 1984 as the Illawarra Nursing Service. As they grew, their health care services division became known as INS Health Care.  As one of the oldest care providers in Australia, The INS Group have had substantial experience in providing health care services in the community. This includes eHealth, TeleHealth and accompanying assistive technologies.

INS LifeGuard is a specialised Personal Response Centre operation with integrated virtual care services and technologies. These are available Australia-Wide.
INS Technologies specialises in the development of leading edge eHealth and TeleHealth technologies, products and services.

Learn more about The INS Group

30/ StethoCloud

Delivering better, cheaper healthcare through intelligent diagnostics
StethoCloud is a smartphone stethoscope that reproduces the diagnostic capability of a trained medical doctor. The StethoCloud device has the potential to save up to millions of lives a year.

Learn more about StethoCloud

31/ Respiri

Respirir is the world’s first digital wheeze detection and measurement technology. It leads the way in new technologies to better manage asthma This is a chronic disease affecting over 330 million people worldwide and growing.

Learn more about Respiri

32/ 2CRisk

Regarded as one of Australia’s leading health software companies, 2CRisk was born of a common goal to improve the health and wellbeing of the global workforce. It was developed to support organisations to implement positive change that is rewarding to both the employee, and delivers positive outcomes for the business.

Learn more about 2CRisk

33/ TIMG

TIMG solve information management problems daily for thousands of businesses, large and small, in every major industry, across Australia and New Zealand.
TIMG’s goal is to make work-life simpler by helping you store, manage, integrate and access your important information securely, compliantly and effortlessly. Plus, you can be confident your data and information are stored and managed right here in Australia.

No matter what your business size, TIMG offers a range of solutions to cover you from the time your information is created to the time it reaches its expiry date.

Learn more about TIMG

34/ Tigertail

Resilience is a function of risk, crisis and emergency management, plus effective leadership. Tigertail Australia will show you how to unrisk your business, organisation or community, and build resilience.

Learn more about Tigertail

35/ Divvy Parking

Divvy unlocks under-utilised spaces in commercial buildings and gives drivers and tenants exclusive access to those spaces at the touch of a button. Divvy provides commuters access to Australia’s fastest growing parking network, with unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Owners are able to enjoy the benefits of a new income stream and the ability to offer a much smarter parking solution in their buildings.

Learn more about Divvy Parking

36/ Canva

Easily create beautiful designs and documents. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

Learn more about Canva

37/ Sendle

Send parcels door to door for low flat-rates Australia wide.
Sendle sees a world where good businesses succeed.  Home enterprises, small businesses, makers, reusers, social enterprise, NFPs, volunteer organisations, sharers and recyclers all benefit. This is a world of diversity and choice, where anyone with a great idea can make a difference and where delivery does not have an impact on the planet. This is why all our deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral.

Learn more about Sendle

38/ DesignCrowd

Get the Perfect Custom Design, every time with the world’s #1 custom design marketplace. DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.

DesignCrowd gives you access to a ‘virtual team’ of 528,732 designers from around the world (via a process called crowdsourcing). This helps you to tap into the very best international design talent available, at a low cost. Post a project on DesignCrowd and watch designs pour in from around the world (the average project receives 50+ designs).

Learn more about DesignCrowd

39/ LawPath

LawPath is Australia’s leading provider of Cloud Legal services for small to medium businesses. LawPath provides technology powered legal services at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of the traditional system.

Learn more about LawPath

40/ GlamCorner

Founded in 2012 and based in Sydney, GlamCorner is the leading online destination for women in Australia to rent designer dresses.
Whether it be something chic for a night out, an elegant gown for a formal, or a beautiful dress for a friend’s wedding, GC provides all Australian women with unique fashion experiences for any occasion.

As a fast-growing startup, GlamCorner’s mission is to create a modern, simple and personal fashion experience. This is driven by technology and design, and is inspired by women who are passionate about the way they look and are smart with their money.

GlamCorner aims to do this by offering a wide range of elegant dresses and stylish accessories for rent for a fraction of the retail price. This is delivered through delightful experiences on web and mobile.

Learn more about GlamCorner

41/ Nitro

Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents. From the desktop to the cloud, Nitro make it easy to create, edit, share, sign and collaborate—online or offline.

Learn more about Nitro

42/ WME

WME was voted one of Australia’s coolest places to work by Anthill. They were recognised among the country’s fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte and ranked one of Australia’s fastest growing agencies 3 years running by SmartCompany.

Learn more about WME

43/ Unlockd

With Unlockd, customers receive ads, content and special offers when they unlock their phones. This is in exchange for a discounted phone bill, bonus free data or other rewards.

Learn more about Unlockd

44/ Milandirect

CEO and co-Founder Dean Ramler’s family has been making furniture in Australia since the 1950’s. It is Dean’s strong background in the furniture industry which led to the creation of Milan Direct. Milan Direct pioneers the concept of selling furniture purely through an online only channel.

Dean’s passion for furniture and family upbringing in the industry, has allowed Milan Direct to offer the best quality furniture in the market at never before seen prices.

Learn more about Milandirect

45/ Locomote

Through collaboration Locomote simplifies your corporate travel program. They empower your people to easily get to where they are going. They do this by creating seamless experiences and integrated solutions with other market leaders.

You are in control, from approval management and cost savings to duty of care. You control the entire travel program and gain greater insight into your company’s travel expenditure, all from a single corporate travel platform. Locomote is built to work for how you travel today and flexible to how you will travel tomorrow.

Learn more about Locomote

46/ Vocus

After years of working within Australia’s telecommunications industry, Vocus’ CEO James Spenceley realised there was a better way to design and deliver networks. So, in March 2008, he sold his house and used the money to start Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC). His goal was very straightforward. He wanted to make a difference by doing things differently.

And that’s just what Vocus has done.
Vocus challenged the way their competitors do business in Australia and New Zealand. Vocus own and operate a global telecoms network that they have built to meet the future requirements of our customers.

Learn more about Vocus

47/ Eway

eWAY launched in 1998 with a vision to make payments easy. Today they are 25% of the local online market and trading in 8 countries.

eWay processes billions in payments every year across the globe for tens of thousands of businesses. They are merchant centric and believe in offering the community a safe, reliable, and frictionless payment gateway which is a cornerstone to their growth and success.

Learn more about eWay

48/ Wink Models

Many of Australia’s largest companies rely on WINK talent for their television, print and outdoor campaigns. Whether you are looking to cast someone 13 or 72 there is a good chance that WINK have exactly the people you are looking for. WINK’s diverse range of talent is complimented by a hardworking team in the WINK office, ensuring personal & dedicated attention to each booking.

The agency has 6 divisions, Male, Female, Sports, Classics, Youth and Promotional. Within these divisions WINK employs bookers who specialise in these areas of the industry. Nine years ago WINK set out to become one of the country’s leading suppliers of talent, priding itself on personal and professional service.

Learn more about WINK

49/ Hipages

Hipages have worked hard over the last 11 years to reinvent the way people find and connect with service providers. By combining technology with service, Hipages have created a trusted online marketplaces for their 1 million + members to connect with the experts, professionals and services they’re looking for.

Learn more about Hipages

50/ Persollo

Persollo are an Australian company powered by awesome businesses and people for all those doing what they love.  Persollo was crafted to empower sellers of boutique products, bloggers, freelancers, writers, developers, artists who want to sell their work directly to their audience anywhere and anytime.

Learn more about Persollo

51/ DriveYello

Yello helps cafes, restaurants and fast food vendors efficiently manage their home delivery and helps drivers find new driving opportunities.

Learn more about DriveYello

52/ Envato

Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people. Millions of people around the world choose Envato’s marketplace, studio and courses. They do this to buy files, hire freelancers, or learn the skills needed to build websites, videos, apps, graphics and more.

Learn more about Envato

53/ Cohort Solutions

Cohort Solutions’ vision is to reduce the cost of international education. They achieve this by decreasing the cost of tuition for international students; andproviding value-enhancing products for service providers in the international education industry which enable them to streamline manual processes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Learn more about Cohort Solutions

54/ Her Fashion Box

Her Fashion Box was born from a passion to bring women the latest fashion accessories, trends and advice inside a box of hand-picked beauty and lifestyle treats. These are delivered to their door monthly like a gorgeous gift! This is an exciting new era in the way women experience fashion.  Her Fashion Box is the gift that keeps giving, that little thing women look forward to every month.

It’s as simple as this…
Every month, you’ll receive a beautifully packaged Her Fashion Box to your home or office! Inside will be 2-3 on-trend fashion accessories tailored to your style profile, as well as the additional value of carefully selected beauty products or deluxe size samples from high-end, boutique and cult brands from around the world.

Each month will be a different mix of beauty products, ranging from makeup, skincare, fragrances, body, hair, and nail. In addition to your fashion accessories and beauty products or samples, Her Fashion Box will bring you products, samples or offers from premium lifestyle brands that could include things such as gorgeous stationery, luxury candles, beauty or spa services, hair and make-up tools, gourmet food or wine tasters, cute home wares, online products, entertainment and more.

Learn more about Her Fashion Box

55/ Spriggy

Spriggy is a prepaid card and mobile app for 8-18 year olds that helps parents and young people manage money together. The Spriggy app will allow parents to easily allocate money to their kids, add money to their child’s prepaid card and encourage saving through savings goals. Young people can use their prepaid card to make purchases online or in-store, wherever Visa is accepted.  Parents can then follow transactions in app. The rich feature set of the Spriggy app is built in conjunction with The Parent Wallet and Prepaid Card products. These are issued by Indue Ltd.

Learn more about Spriggy

56/ EarlyWorks

EarlyWorks caters to a wide variety of observation styles including learning journeys, running records, anecdotal records, jottings, time samples, child notes, photo journals and more. Observations (Group & Individual) are easily created with a simple input process.  This ensures that each child’s learning and development is being assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating (NQS – Quality Area 1 Standard 1.2 element 1.2.1).

With EarlyWorks’ observations, educators authentically capture each child’s strengths, abilities, current knowledge and areas of interest. This then visibly becomes the foundation of the Program. Educators are able to plan with both the child/ren and learning outcomes in mind (NQS Quality Area 1 standard 1.1 elements 1.1.1, 1.1.2). Educators are able to efficiently provide evidence of their critical reflection of each child’s learning and development (NQS QA 1, standard 1.2 element 1.2.3).

Learn more about EarlyWorks

57/ Velpic

Velpic is a single and elegant learning management system
to create, distribute and monitor video based training for any business.

Learn more about Velpic

58/ StudyLadder

Studyladder was developed by school teachers to provide all children with access to a quality education. Their unique designer tool enables them to adapt and align their material to curriculum requirements in different national and regional jurisdictions. Studdyladder are also in the process of increasing their international capacity. This is so they will eventually have Studyladder teacher representatives throughout the English-speaking world.

What began in 2001 in Australia with just lessons has now been expanded and adapted for use in over 20 countries across the world. The Program has thousands of video lessons, interactive games, worksheets and assessments covering all the fundamentals a student needs to acquire fundamental learning skills and to feel confident to want to learn more.

Learn more about Studyladder

59/ Remember The Milk

Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time.  Remember The Milk was created so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand.

Learn more about Remember The Milk

60/ Campaign Monitor

There were a number of tools on the market to manage email campaigns, but none really stacked up. Either the interface made your eyes bleed, you were forced to use their ugly templates or you needed a separate account for each client. After trying everything under the sun and coming up empty, Campaign Monitor saw an opportunity.

Learn more about CampaignMonitor

61/ Saasu

Saasu craft faster, cleaner, better ways to manage your small business. As software artisans they are always thinking about what saves you time, what you can automate and what creates the most value for your small business. Saasu ask themselves what can they innovate to help liberate small business from compliance, debt and tax. Everything you see from Saasu’s help system, emails and even their blog will feel fast, simple and clean.

Learn more about Saasu

62/ ChattyKidz

Help your child to become a confident, capable reader with the content, tools & people needed. Encourage your kids to explore our videos, to read along & learn to read at the same time.
Get your child to practice reading books that suit their own reading ability.

Learn more about ChattyKidz

63/ VinoMofo

At the ‘Fo, they want you to enjoy your wines. And let’s be honest — they want you to keep coming back for more, and to tell all your friends about them.
VinoMofo only sell the wines they love and drink themselves. They think the wines are awesome, but everyone has their own tastes, and that’s something they’re passionate believers in.

Learn more about VinoMofo

64/ Shoes of Prey

With Shoes of Prey’s 3D Designer you choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes.  Shoes of Prey custom make your design and ship anywhere in the world in around 4 weeks.

Learn more about Shoes of Prey

65/ Airtasker

The best place for people and businesses to outsource tasks.

Learn more about Airtasker

66/ Tinybeans

In the juggling act of life we need help to keep track of our kids. We not only want to capture their big milestones but the small and beautiful details to share with extended family.
Tinybeans soon realized there wasn’t a satisfactory solution for parents like them – thus, Tinybeans was born.

Learn more about Tinybeans

67/ Catapult

Wanting to move this experimentation to the field, the CRC developed wearable sensors that made it more accessible to athletes, and more routinely deployable. Looking to commercialize the product after great success developing technology for the 2004 Athens games, Catapult was born in late 2006.

Catapult has since become the global leader in athlete analytics.
It protects thousands of elite athletes at the intersection of sport science and analytics.
Retaining its research-based approach to innovation, Catapult enables insight in to athlete risk, readiness and return to play.
Catapult empowers coaches globally with scientifically-validated metrics for the advancement of athlete performance.

Learn more about Catapult

68/ Wattcost

Wattcost® is a revolutionary new technology that turns your home and its existing appliances into the smart and safe home of the future today!
Wattcost Beacon® meter-to-mobile technology leapfrogs the complexity of inter-connecting incompatible devices.  It also take away the need to replace expensive appliances to manage your home more effectively.

Learn more about Wattcost

69/ Vistr

Seeing family members and friends experience problems managing their cash flow inspired Vistr to build simple and easy to use software to help small businesses.

Vistr believe in using data to drive the best business decisions. They believe technology can make it easier to run a business. Vistr believe proper financial management is about looking forward and not looking in the past.
They were founded in 2013 and selected to participate in Telstra’s muru-D accelerator in Feb 2014.

Learn more about Vistr

70/ FarmBot

FarmBot is an easy to install and easy to use, inexpensive monitoring service for farms and remote environments.

They are different to other monitoring systems on the market. You only require the sensor on your farm. There are no computers or additional communication equipment required.

The system uses Satellite technology to send the water level information to the Farmbot secure data centre. From there the information is provided to you by SMS and Web access on your Smartphone, PC or tablet.
FarmBot sensor modules can be placed anywhere on your farm anywhere in Australia. You can access the information from anywhere in the world.
They will also warn you when the limits you set are breached.

Learn more about FarmBot

71/ Asset Guru

Asset.Guru captures all your existing asset data, allowing you to interrogate it in real time. Work as a team. In the cloud.

Learn more about

72/ Swarmfarm

Small Machines. Big Technology. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.
To meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population, we need to grow more food than ever before.
So we are making our machinery bigger than ever before. What if we stopped making things bigger and just made them smarter?

What if that little engine that could … became the machine that did?
This is what drives Swarmfarm. They know robotic technology holds the key to the future of farming and they want to bring it to you.

Learn more about Swarmfarm

73/ SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture is a safety company founded in Townsville in 2004. In 2011, CEO Luke Anear noticed the adoption of smartphones in everyday life. From that point on they started testing and developing solutions for safety in the workplace. This was based around a smartphone app platform. The result is iAuditor. iAuditor was developed in 2012 and has since become the most used safety audit app in the world.

Learn more about SafetyCulture

74/ Effective Measure

Effective Measure is a leading provider of digital audience, brand and advertising effectiveness measurement and targeting solutions. This brings  best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, agencies, networks, advertisers and researchers.

The EM solutions offer brands, media and agencies invested in Oceania, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East North Africa and South Africa, a clear insight into their online audience and the ever-growing internet population.

Learn more about Effective Measure

75/ Stitch

Stitch is a small technology company with the grand vision of helping address social isolation and loneliness for older adults in every country around the world.  They are passionate about the problem they’re solving, and are proud to be the ones trying to solve it. They’d even go so far to say that they’re as excited about helping address loneliness as it’s humanly possible to be.

Learn more about Stitch

76/ PredictBGL

PredictBGL builds a customised dynamic mathematical model based on user data to:
• Calculate personalised insulin doses (using standard insulin dosing algorithms)
• Forecast future blood sugar levels.

The process involves:
1. Aggregating data from user blood sugar level readings, insulin doses, food and exercise logs.
2. Pushing this data through a patented process to determine dosing recommendations and predict blood sugars specific to each user.

The mathematical model tolerates errors relating to accuracy of input data including:
• Blood glucose meter readings
• Estimation of carbohydrate intake
• Dosing ratios
• Insulin device dosing error
• Estimation of duration and intensity of factors such as exercise.

Learn more about PredictBGL

77/ Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is the industry leader in digitising and organising receipts, invoices and documents. Their aim is to eliminate the need for data entry, saving customers, like you, from wasting precious resources including time and money. This is so you can focus on the parts of your business that really matter.

Learn more about Shoeboxed

78/ Spacer

Looking for Storage? Spacer is Australia’s marketplace for space. Join the fastest growing space sharing community. They connect people who have spare storage space, from a garage to a driveway to a parking space or carport.

Need a shed? They’ve got those too! Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and are conveniently located in your local neighbourhood. Save up to 50% off traditional self storage options. Got a boat, caravan, car, furniture or maybe kids toys to store? Spacer has a local, convenient and affordable self storage unit near you. Your items are protected to the value of $5,000 whilst in storage, for your peace of mind.

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79/ InStitchu

InStitchu believes that every man should be able to afford high quality tailored suits and shirts!

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80/ Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress is not only on a mission to enhance your sleep experience. They are also on a mission to protect the future of one of our national icons.

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81/ Proxima

Proxima set out to build a different sort of software company. This company aims to deliver a premium user experience that helps companies engage their customers in new ways with relevant content.

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82/ Eora

The eora 3D Scanner brings industrial level precision to your phone with a sub 100 micron accuracy.

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83/ Travello

Find like-minded travellers, no matter where in the world you are! Travello allows travellers to discover and connect with other like-minded travellers. No matter what type of traveller you are. Travello has you covered.

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84/ Buzzy Tasks

Buzzy is an online marketplace for odd tasks and errands based in Perth, Western Australia. The Buzzy Hive lets you outsource your ‘to do’ list to trusted members of your local community.

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85/ Townske

Townske makes travelling more fun by uncovering the hidden venues that you’re sure to love in every city in the world. You see, Townske believes that great recommendations aren’t just about places, they’re about people. They help you find your people and trust their recommendations. When you use Townske, you’re not a tourist, you’re a local.

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86/ Showpo

Back in September 2010, Showpo started off as Show Pony in a tiny garage. Jane, Showpo’s founder, was incredibly bored of living her corporate life as a business analyst. She simply couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life stuck inside those grey cubicle walls. So, she quit! She had a dream to provide girls with fun, on-trend fashion at an incredibly affordable price. After running for only 2 months Showpo opened its very first store, quickly followed by a second shop in Westfield Sydney CBD.

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87/ Zero Latency

Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Where your body is the controller. And your mind believes it’s real. The digital and real world mesh seamlessly together, to transport you inside the virtual like never before. When you move, the game moves with you.  This is immersive mayhem with the freedom to get up and go.

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88/ Blueshyft

Blueshyft is a network of 1,000+ retail locations around Australia with a modern, extensible technology platform. This adds an unmatched physical retail presence to your digital business, instantly.

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89/ Cash Flow Mapper

CashFlowMapper complements existing, historical-looking accounting systems by providing the powerful forward-looking capability that so many of them lack. It’s an enhancement not a replacement. There’s no need to junk current investment, or waste money on more elaborate, complex and costly systems. Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) often provide cash flow forecasting along with a whole host of other features that you simply don’t need.

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90/ Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. They connect over 20,475,184 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories. Through their marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.

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91/ Nitro

At Nitro, they’re changing the way the world works with documents. From the desktop to the cloud, they make it easy to create, edit, share, sign and collaborate—online or offline.

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92/ Culture Amp

Culture Amp takes running an employee survey and combines it with a great user experience and powerful analytics.

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93/ Deakin Digital

Deakin Digital offers a world-first system of independently verified, evidence-based employability credentials.

Backed by Deakin University, Deakin Digital credentials provide recognition of an individual’s skills and capability. This is learned through work and life and benchmarked against globally recognised standards.

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94/ Open Agent

Open Agent’s mission is to help everyday Australians to make great decisions about the real estate agent they choose. This is who  they’ll entrust with their most important financial asset.

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95/ Hey You

Use Hey You to order ahead and beat the queue at your local cafe or favourite food outlet.

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96/ Snakk Media

Snakk Media is the market leader in data driven geo audiences and cross screen media solutions for premium brand advertisers in APAC. Snakk powers campaigns for the world’s largest brands, media groups and mobile agency specialists with our portfolio of smart screen technologies.

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97/ PersonifyCare

PersonifyCare allows clinical teams to “plug-in” existing protocol and deliver personalised follow up to their patients via their mobile device.

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98/ Alicidion

Alcidion is a leading provider of intelligent informatics for high performance healthcare. This empowers clinicians with decision support tools to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients.

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99/ Nano – Nouvelle

Nano-Nouvelle was founded in 2011 with the aim of developing innovative nanomaterials to solve global problems. Early research explored a range of energy technologies including thermo-electric materials and solar cells. This led to the creation of our platform technology. Development is currently focused on implementing this platform technology into our first product. This is the Tin Nanode (TM) , a high energy tin-based anode for lithium ion batteries.

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100/ Jayride

At Jayride you can compare transport and book directly with hundreds of transport service operators across Australia. When you book on Jayride you are booking directly with your transport service company. You get their name, their contact information, and can reach out and arrange details with them directly. You get all the benefits of going direct, plus Jayride’s famous simple booking system, easy instant fixed prices, and 100% refund guarantee.

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101/ Image Brief

ImageBrief is about creative folk. The people who buy images and the people who make them and a series of (mainly brief) beautiful relationships where everyone gets what they want.

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Each day more and more startups, innovators and disruptors are making an impact in the marketplace.  So much so that startups are are growing with hubs and precincts are now common place. This gives startups places to collaborate, share and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Do you know of more Australian startups, innovators or disruptors that should be on the list? Let us know and we will add them!

Originally posted 2016-09-08 17:42:39.

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