Stand out and learn how to lead from the front!

To stand out from the crowd as a leader is not difficult if you understand how to develop your emotional intelligence.  Your IQ alone is not what will make you a superstar. High emotional intelligence as well as embracing your authenticity will set you apart from other leaders.

“Emotional aptitude is a “meta-ability”, determining how well we can use whatever other skills we have , including raw intellect .”

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than

What makes you stand out from the crowd

Leaders who stand out from the crowd:

• are approachable and are open at all times to input, ideas and suggestions.
• leave their ego at the front door and lead by example.
• better understand who they are as leaders and how to work with their team to get results that are both desirable and sustainable.
recognize their own and their team’s strengths and weaknesses and use these to nurture a healthy team environment and develop a resilient company culture.
• have the insight and ability to collaborate, align and manage resourceand deliver outcomes for all stakeholders.

“Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and  feel what they are feeling.”

Psychology Today

There are 5 questions you need to ask yourself to improve your Emotional Intelligence to start your journey. This will help you to learn how to develop and nurture your Emotional Intelligence and to recognize and reach your potential.

  • Are you paying attention…to yourself?
  • Do you keep your emotions in check?
  • Are you able to walk in other people’s shoes?
  • Where is your focus: Short term or long term goals?
  • Are you a social magnet?

“A high degree of self regulation is one of the vital parts of EQ.”

says Dr Carolyn MacCann PhD, Psychology lecturer at The Univerity of Sydney.

Take this FREE EQ test to help you discover more about your emotional intelligence. This test is not an accurate scoring of you emotional intelligence but maybe used as a tool to use as part of your journey of self-development.

The growth of your emotional intelligence is an ongoing process and an evolution of you as both a leader and a person.

Originally posted 2016-01-08 12:09:36.

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